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Is the charger of a lithium iron phosphate battery the same as an ordinary lithium battery?
Is the charger of a lithium iron phosphate battery the same as an ordinary lithium battery?

It is recommended that the lithium-ion iron phosphate battery adopt the CCCV charging method of constant current first and then constant voltage. A constant current of 0.3C is recommended. Recommendation 3.65. When the battery voltage reaches 3.65V, 3.65V voltage and constant voltage charging are adopted. When the charging current is lower than 0.1C (or 0.05C), the battery is fully charged. When you use a balanced voltage power supply to charge, also check the charging current, it is recommended not to use too high voltage for charging, after adjusting the voltage, make sure the charging current is less than 0.5C, which is good for the battery.

Generally, the upper limit of the lithium iron phosphate battery voltage is 3.7~4V, the discharge threshold voltage is 2~2.5V, taking into account the discharge capacity, discharge voltage, charging time, constant current capacity percentage, safety, five aspects, using the constant current constant voltage charging method, ferrous phosphate lithium-ion battery pack, charging a reasonable limit setting voltage of 3.55V to 3.70V, 3.60~3.65V recommended value, discharge threshold voltage of 2.2V to 2.5V.

Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery pack chargers are different from ordinary lithium-ion batteries. The maximum termination voltage of lithium-ion batteries is 4.2 volts; The lithium-ion iron phosphate battery pack is 3.65 volts. When the lithium iron phosphate battery is charged, the balance charging plate is connected to the line, and the charger voltage is greater than the battery voltage. The in-line detection of the voltage of each cell is equivalent to a voltage regulator connected in parallel. The charging voltage of a single cell will not exceed the regulated value, while the other individual cells will continue to be charged through the regulated bypass.

Since each battery is almost full at this point, it just balances each cell, so the charging current is very small, and each cell is filled with a supplementary balance. The charger can only protect the end voltage of the entire battery pack, and the balanced charging plate can guarantee that each cell is fully charged, and each cell is full, so the charging of the entire lithium-ion battery pack cannot be stopped because the battery is full.

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