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Hailong S039 36V/48V/52V Electric Bicycle Battery
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Model Voltage Capacity Power Size Weight
GS093 36V 12.5A 500W 42*22*13.5 4.3
36V 15A 500W 42*22*13.5 4.8
48V 12.5A 500W 42*22*13.5 4.8
48V 16A 500W 42*22*13.5 4.8
48V 20A 750W 42*22*13.5 5.5
52V 13A 750W 42*22*13.5 5.8
52V 17.5A 750W 42*22*13.5 5.8

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Hailong S039 Electric Bicycle Battery





Charger, plug into electric green light,
then plug into battery red light, after full
charged change to green. Then finished
                                                   charge and unplug the charger.



Discharge socket
Discharge cable connect to bike controller
power cable.
Red for positive "+"
Black for negative "-"




Battery install plate
Battery install plate. This plate will be
installed on the battery when we ship.
You can take it off by the key and install
it on the bike frame by screw.Then put the battery on it.





Safe lock
 Lock,use to lock the battery on the frame.







Battery level light
Press the button the light will turn on.
1 Red 3 Green---100%
1 Red 2 Green---75%
1 Red 1 Green---50%
1 Red 0 Green---25%





Charge socket
The charge current for this socket can
not be more than 3 amps.






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