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What is the general capacity of electric vehicle batteries?
What is the general capacity of electric vehicle batteries?

Generally, the capacity of household car batteries is between 54-60Ah. The car battery capacity represents the amount of electricity released by the battery under certain conditions (discharge rate, temperature, termination voltage, etc.). The capacity unit of a general car battery is Ah. For example, if a battery with a capacity of 60Ah has a continuous discharge current of 1A, it can be continuously discharged for 60 hours. Based on the national GB standard, taking the battery model 6-QAW-54a as an example:
1. 6 means it is composed of 6 single-cell batteries, and the voltage of each single-cell battery is 2V, that is, the rated voltage is 12V.
2. Q represents the purpose of the battery, and Q is the battery used to start the car.
3. A means dry-charged battery.
4. W means maintenance-free battery, if not, it means ordinary battery.
5. 54: Indicates that the rated capacity of the battery is 54Ah.
6. Angle mark a: indicates the first improvement to the original product.
7. The subscript b indicates the second improvement, and so on.
8. Note: Adding D after the model indicates good low-temperature starting performance, such as 6-QA-110D."

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