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Which is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery for electric vehicle?
Which is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery for electric vehicle?

Lead-acid batteries advantages and disadvantages
High cost performance
It is generally believed that lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles are better than lithium batteries, mainly because lead-acid batteries are safer, relatively cheap, and more acceptable to the public. The most important thing is that the recycling price of lead-acid batteries is higher than that of lithium batteries. High-rate discharge performance is better. Generally speaking, a set of lead-acid batteries only costs a few hundred yuan, and a set of lithium batteries costs anywhere from one thousand to nearly two thousand yuan. Lead-acid batteries have strong overload capacity and impact resistance. The resistance of an electric vehicle during driving changes at any time, or even suddenly stops. At this time, the battery current changes greatly. In the few seconds of ignition, the current reaches two to three hundred amps. Lead-acid batteries are safe and sound, but lithium batteries are hard to come by. Lead-acid batteries also have disadvantages, such as heavy metals that easily cause environmental pollution; compared with lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries have lower energy density; and their service life is not as long as that of lithium batteries.
Lithium battery advantages and disadvantages
High energy efficiency
Regardless of the volume specific energy or weight specific energy of lithium batteries, lithium batteries are more than three times higher than lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are smaller, lighter and have longer cycle life.
Lightweight and environmentally friendly
Lithium batteries are relatively lightweight, easy to carry, and have a relatively long life. In addition, lithium batteries have stronger adaptability to high and low temperatures, are less affected by temperature factors, and are more environmentally friendly.
Lithium batteries also have three disadvantages
Its safety and stability are relatively poor. If it is not operated properly, it is prone to the risk of explosion. In addition, lithium batteries cannot be discharged at high currents and require high production conditions and higher costs."

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